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Best way to implement "live" streaming video?

I am planning on making a website for my friends where we can upload videos to it, and the videos get played automatically by the server so that everyone watches the same video at the same time. So essentially it is “live” streaming, except the video that is being streamed is pre-recorded. For example, if my friends are watching a video, and they are halfway through it, and I connect to the website then I should be at the same exact part of the video that they are at. I followed this tutorial on how regular video streaming works, and I understand the process, but now I would like to implement this in a way that when you join the website, you only start receiving the stream from the part that everybody else is on. I am familiar with and I was thinking I could use that, but the tutorial that I found uses regular requests to send the stream data, and I’m not sure how to implement it using websockets (if that is even possible). So my questions are: What is the best framework/tools in NodeJS to accomplish this type of livestream? Is NodeJS a good way to design something like this, or are there better alternatives? (I would like to potentially be able to scale the site, so that tens of thousands of people could be watching at a time. How do websites like twitch accomplish this?)

Hello @Ramesh Salvi, thanks for such a great question in the forums. You could build this through Wowza software, but it may require some custom modules. There’s a few different ways to deliver it at scale and those involve some different billing options too with transcoding and CDNs.

What I want to do is have someone reach out to you through a chat or phone call to make it clear to you what your workflow and pricing options would be to build this. You will hear from someone very soon…