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Black screen but audio plays

When returning from a fragment within the app or even putting the app in the background and returning, the audio will keep playing but the video player remains black. Now, I know resuming the app from background is not supported, but why would a fragment cause this to happen? A fragment is an extension of the activity the player is in yet the player surface appears to get destroyed resulting in the black screen. Any work around for this?

Hi Mark - Are you referring to the GoCoder App or the GoCoder SDK? iOS or Android?

This is an issue we are looking to support within a future SDK release and it has to do with the fragments not being packetized correctly when the app is in background. We are aware that the audio will continue, but not the video.

At this time, we recommend to handle this by stopping the broadcast when it is sent to background, and to restart the broadcast during onResume.

Thanks for your patience as we look to support this feature soon for the many, many devices on the market.