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block another ip adress's to transcode shoutcast stream.


everybody is connect my server and transcode own shoutcasts to rtmp and use my server without my permission.

i want to determine ip adress for shoutcast connections.

but i dont want to user authentication with user name and password.

my shoutcast servers and wowza in same server and use 1 ip adress.

i want to allow only this server ip adress for source.

thank you.

Use StreamNameAlias package to secure shoutcast application

You will specify which streams are allowed (you can use wildcards) and remove the default rule from the stream alias file.


Hi djcenk,

What Richard is saying is, with the StreamNameAlias package, you can prevent sombody from starting a connection to an unauthorised shoutcast stream. You would use this package to specify which shoutcast streams are allowed and remove the wildcard entry which will prevent someone starting a different shoutcast stream.

I think this is what you mean.


Refer to the documentation that comes with the StreamNameAlias package.

Edit your Application.xml and add the following as the last module in the Modules section.


Then add the following to the properties section at the end of Application.xml


The aliases work very simply. each line in the alias file which starts wth # is a comment and then each alias is defined [pattern]=[alias] where pattern is what the player requests and [alias] is the real stream name. When a stream is requested, it will go through the list until it finds a pattern match and then play the stream with the alias name. Wildcards and and special variables can also be used but are probably not needed in your case.

You will want to create a file called in the conf folder and have the following in it

# Expands stream names to SHOUTcast urls
# Omit default rule to block users from entering any url

The player would now have to request station1 to play the stream.

This will tell the system that when station1 is requested, start restreaming http://authorized_ip:8000

If someone trys to play http://authorized_ip:8000 directly or http://not-authorized_ip:8000 it will fail.

Depending on your setup, you may also need a file as well. This will allow or disallow other file types from being played.


No problem. Glad to help.

You can modify this example, which limits to certain IP address.


thank you for your answer but i want to block ip adress to connect my wowza.

i was try but not ok :frowning:

how can i make alias file for this operation ?

sample :

authorized shoutcast server and port


i want allow only this authorized servers ar connect to wowza for transcoding.

now ok :slight_smile: its cool

thank you everybody