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Block connections in the origin with simple tv


I have a problem, several users connected by simpletv software ( to my origin server directly and I can not block it.

Can someone help me and tell me how I can block this theft of connections in my server?



It does depend on the protocol in use , RTMP or RTP, looks like it might be RTP (RTSP), but you could try

if RTP then you would need to write a custom module and check for the user agent type. It may not identify itself other than VLC, so you may not be able to block it specifically.

Alternatively you could block all RTP, set

PlayMethod from none to digest in your Application.xml


Thanks :slight_smile: solved with…Flash-SWF-file

I had added unknown and It caused this problem

hello Xsplit did u get the simple tv blocked?? and if so can i get more into on how you did this,Was it by just adding unknown to the