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Broadcasting to Vimeo Live from a Wowza repeater

Is anyone using Wowza as a repeater to Vimeo Live? We had no problems bouncing from Wowza to Ustream and Facebook but playback of a RTMP stream bounced to Vimeo Live has periodic audio issues (duplicate delayed audio) and buffering problems. It especially has issues maintaining stable playback of a looping playlist of MP4s that we use as a pre-show and channel hold broadcast. It usually hangs when switching videos. It looks like it’s probably something in the Vimeo Live cloud, the transcode between receive and transmit perhaps, since ingest is stable and recordings are mostly good. Curious whether others have seen the same or have tweaked Wowza or Vimeo Live settings to adjust?

I believe we’ve solved this one, should anyone encounter it:

  1. set your Stream Target to Adaptive Streaming in Advanced if not already set

  2. add the system-bitrate, video-bitrate and audio-bitrate parameters to each file in your playlist and make sure they match the actual bitrates in your source files, like so:

How did you even get this to work? I cant get wowza to stream to vimeo at all.

Setting the Stream Target to Adaptive Streaming is critical. I was ok bouncing live signal once the Wowza target connected. I think Vimeo is still having major issues with their distribution network though. Even live signal direct to Vimeo would periodically hang. You can confirm by looking at archived recordings; they’re usually clean while the live playback suffers skips, halts and sync problems.

I can’t even figure out what url to use to tell wowza to stream to vimeo. Can you tell me that?

When you set up a Vimeo live event, right before activating it, you’ll see an option to “Show RTMP URL and Stream Key.” Take those and plug them into the Wowza stream target setup as so:

Destination Application Name: <the last part of the RTMP URL - usually “live”>

Destination Host: <the host parts of the RTMP URL - usually “”>

Destination Port: 1935

Destination Stream Name: <the long, messy Vimeo Stream Key>

Remember, the Vimeo RTMP URL is only good for 30 minutes. If you don’t connect the repeater within 30 minutes, you’ll have to set up a new event -