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Broken DVR playback on edge when converting AMF to ID3

Running Wowza 4.7.7 origin/edge setup we are getting sporadic DVR playback issues when converting timed metadata from AMF to ID 3.

On the origin servers, we are ingesting AMF timed metadata into the incoming RTMP streams every second.
On the edge servers, we are converting these to ID 3 tags for HLS DVR playback.
We are following these two guides for AMF injection and ID 3 conversion.

Streams to origin are permanent 24/7. We keep and provide 5hours of DVR playback.
After some time, several hours of uninterrupted streaming to the origin servers, the DVR playback of some streams end up in “The media could not be loaded” errors.

We see the following messages on the edge servers

DvrStreamManagerBase.removeManifestEntry [dvr/definst/STREAM-NAME] : store not found for vStream:STREAM-NAME
DvrStreamManagerBase.addManifestEntries[dvr4/definst/STREAM-NAME] : store not found for vStream:STREAM-NAME

Inspecting the HTTP traffic receiving the playlist.m3u8 fails with



  • Restraining the origin application (thus clearing the DVR recording on origin) solves the issue, until the next incident.
  • Restarting the edge application solves the issue, until the next incident.

This issue must be linked to ID 3 conversion as DVR playback never fails with ID 3 conversion not being active.

Any ideas are welcome.

To clarify, ID3 metadata is fully compliant with Apple HLS specs and should’t cause any problem.

I would ask you submit a support ticket so we can have complete access to your configuration and logs. We’d need to try and replicate and see why the ID3 tags aren’t in the chunks. It could also be misalignment in the stream names if you are doing adaptive bitrate. Please submit a ticket so we can take a closer look. Thanks.