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Broken REST API or bad documentation on disconnect incoming stream

I am having the same unsolved problem as:

The documentation suggests a PUT request. If I change the request from PUT to GET

GET http://wowzadev:8087/v2/servers/_defaultServer_/vhosts/_defaultVHost_/applications/test1/instances/_definst_/incomingstreams/mmuid_100_3ac566a6-4402-4c76-a163-b14a612b608c/actions/disconnectStream

I get a non 404 response:

<wmsResponse> <success>false</success> <message>Unknown action: disconnectStream</message> </wmsResponse>

I’ve tried many actions. This is on


I’m experiencing the same issue on 4.7.0. Here’s the response:

PUT request sent to:


  status: 200,

  data: {

    success: false,

    message: 'Unknown action: disconnectStream',

    data: null



Hi Kev,

This issue was addressed in ticket #238094, and I am posting it here for others as well. The disconnect endpoint should be called with a PUT and not a GET request, which is why the GET request was returning an error for you.

Your PUT request, while correctly formed, was failing because the incoming stream in your command is not a valid one. This command is only applicable to streams that have been connected via the MediaCaster system. If your incoming stream was pushed to the Wowza server (for encoders such as Wirecast and GoCoder) where the connection was not initiated on the server, then your Wowza server would be unable to disconnect the stream.