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[BUG] HLS input with relative path

Using the Wowza Streaming Engine to ingest HLS (following instructions of, I noticed that the ingest is not working correctly when the chunks are relative.

In practice, in a playlist located at which contains the following lines:


… the chunk is supposed to be located at It is how it is interpreted in all players that I know.

Wowza does looks for this file at, which would correspond to the following content:


This problem makes the HLS ingestion fail when the chunk paths are relative and the playlist is not at the root of the domain.

Not sure if I have read the issue correctly. For deeper paths I find you need to use definst in the path like this when referencing the playlist m3u8 file that Wowza generates,


e.g. where,

address =

application_name = live

dir_1_name = 1

dir_2_name = 2

stream_name = 1.sdp

I have the exact same problem. No resolution yet. Anyone has an answer please help, because this is rediculuous that I’m using two big hitters in the Industry (Akamai and Wowza) and something as simple as this has been an issue for over 6 to 8 months. Just parsing a url is TRIVIAL.