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bug: httpCORSHeadersAddMain parameter causes heaers growth to invalid header size

Hi, we were experimenting with the settings

httpCORSHeadersAddMain in our live application. But this setting has a bug. When it is enabled, we see extra headers in the requests. But we also see that those headers will be added at every request on the same file. This sounds normal, but the flaw is that it should NOT use the previous header.

The situation we had, is that a live stream his playlist will be updated around every 10 seconds ( a new chunk created). During that 10 seconds, the playlist is requested let’s say 100 times. (a 100 viewers). Then every request from that 100 will add again the value of the httpCORSHeadersAddMain value. I think this value should be added to the clean headers. Now it looks like that Wowza is caching the playlist with the new headers. And a new request will just add the same httpCORSHeadersAddMain values again to the headers. In other words, the value is repeated 100 times during 10 seconds.

This will cause problems with caching due to big headers. We have disabled this option in order to get the caching stable again.

I think that the value of httpCORSHeadersAddMain should be added to the clean playlist file. And that the outcome of the new headers should not be cached. Or Wowza has to remember where the extra CORS headers are added, and not doing it again as long as the playlist is not re-created.


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Thanks for the detailed information. Here is some steps to follow to help with your issue:

Make sure you are on the latest version of Wowza:

Install Wowza

Update Wowza

Here is some information on httpCORS

If you are still having issues, can you open a ticket from the below link and include the following information:

Open a Ticket Here