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Building a redundant Wowza cluster.

I’m wondering if its possible and/or how to build out a redundant pair of Wowza servers. We’re doing 5-10 HLS streams and transcoding on each of the servers, but I’d love for there to be some way to make these redundant. I’ve looked a bit into the Live Repeater, and it sounds like it can provide me with what I want.

What do you all suggest?

For redundancy on the playback side, edge servers with a load balancer in front of them should do the job nicely. Wowza LB is a good product, but cannot work in a redundant mode itself (at least it wasn’t possible when I last looked). So you may want to go a different way, such as Nginx or HAproxy.

Redundancy for the origin segment (handling of incoming connections) may be a bit trickier. You should probably give us some more info about your setup in order to get a good suggestion.