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Bytes in rate from publisher in HTTP provider

I have an HTTP provider where I am currently displaying some extra stats and I would like to add the Bytes in Rate for each publisher connected. I am iterating through the applications, then each app instance within an application and finally iterating through all the publishers of each app instance. What method do I use to get a data rate for the stream the publisher is sending (live streams)? I noticed the web engine manager displays this and just wondering how to access via the API.


You might try obtaining an IMediaStream reference and using the getMediaIOPerformance function similar to the following:


Ah ok, I missed that you had asked for the rate. The getMessagesInBytesRate should work in this case. Thanks for the update.

Thanks that points me in the right direction but it looks like getMediaIOPerformance().getMessagesInBytesRate() is actually what I would want so I would get the bytes per second.