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Calling /transcoders/{id}/recordings right after finishing recording gives empty array, returns results some times with delay

Is there a way i could check whether or not a recording is available against a transcoder right after i finish recording? Or if i have to add a delay how much of delay should i add to reliably fetch recordings against a transcoder?

To give you some background, I’m using Wowza Cloud REST API to record a live stream and right after it finishes pick up the recordings created.

In my experience right after i stop recording, when i try to fetch recordings against that transcoder (using /transcoders/{id}/recordings), i get empty array. However if i wait for a little while i start getting recordings.

Problem is there’s no certain delay that has worked for me so far. I have seen that depending on the size of the recording delay adds up.

Hoping for someone to help me.

Hello Shaheer,

You can poll the recording conversion status via API after the transcoder is stopped.

This will provide you with the following states:
“uploading” “converting” “removing” “completed” “failed”

The time it takes to get to a “completed” state depends on the length of the event. So, in your case, polling at a 1 minute interval may be sufficient.

I hope this helps.