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Camera exposure problem- Android SDK

I’m experiencing an odd camera exposure issue on my Google Pixel XL where the GoCoder SDK sample app and the example Android app are super dark as if the exposure is at it’s lowest possible value. However, I don’t see a way to resolve this, either by enabling auto exposure or setting the exposure to a specific value via the SDK. Any help is appreciated.

Thanks for reaching out @Mark Vaughn and I’m sorry the streams are dark. We are currently not able to support adjusting the exposure on a Google Pixel. Really sorry for that and the SDK team is aware and working on that for those devices.

Are you able to support that on any device? Also, is there any ETA on when a fix for this will be released?

We do support exposure modifications with the iOS SDK which means you would obviously have to get a new SDK license key and download the iOS SDK. I checked with the SDK team and they do not have an ETA yet on Android support, but it’s in our backlog. I’ll keep you updated as soon as we have that feature ready for you.

So right now, exposure modification is not supported in the Android SDK at all, but that’s not to say all streams are dark on the Androids or Google Pixels. It does seem to be an issue on the Pixel 3. Have you been able to test it at all on an a different device?

Meaning we have had customers use it on Pixel 2 devices without it being too dark.

Hi @Mark Vaughn, just wanted to reach out and let you know that we released a new GoCoder Android SDK today that resolved a lot of issues on devices that were using Android OS 9 or 10. I’m hoping it will resolve your issue with the streams being too dark on the Google Pixel XL.

Let me know!

Attention: Issues with Broadcast using the GoCoder Android SDK have been resolved in the new version released today: 1.9.1 build 0636.

Enhancements and fixed issues (since

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing stable broadcasting using GoCoder SDK for Android on certain devices running Android versions 9 or 10.

For anyone who was experiencing broadcast crashes on certain devices using Android OS 9 or 10, please update to this new version to resolve any issues.

Click the link to download and install the latest version: