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Camera Recommendations for IP restreaming?


I’ve been asked to pick a few camera options for live streaming but I don’t know much about the cameras. The project will stream from a single fixed camera mounted up on the wall (indoors) that goes out to our wowza server. Clients will connect to the live stream through the Wowza server. We’re looking for as low-latency as we can get. Whatever camera we go with wouldn’t need to be better than 720p (we’ll likely be using a lower resolution than that). It would need to allow us to input an audio source from the announcer’s mixing board. If I am correct we’ll stream the audio-video H.264

I’m looking at all the Axis cameras at the moment and there seem to be too many choices. Does anyone have a go-to IP camera recommendation that’s solid and fast?


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I would recommend you check out the ‘Works with Wowza’ partners page here.

Axis and Sony, listed under the cameras section all have IP camera models that produce H.264 streams and work with the Wowza Streaming Engine.




The Axis camera models you’ve mentioned should work well with Wowza Streaming Engine and they are one of the most used brands. If you have any issues connecting your camera we’d be happy to help troubleshoot it. You may also find the following article helpful when connecting to Wowza Streaming Engine.

How to connect Axis Cameras to Wowza Streaming Engine

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I’ve checked out the partners page. I was hoping for something more specific than that. I went ahead and talked to Axis to get a feel for what they suggest and ended up with a list of 5 options to pass along. Without spending days going through all the specs and trying to compare all the details my impression is that the Q1614 and Q1635 sound like they’re the nicest fit for the job while P1357, P1364 and P1365 would likely do everything just fine as well. I guess we won’t know for sure until someone buys one and we try it out.