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Can AWS EC2 subscribers get access to Wowza Player?

Hi, I have a PAYG subscription on AWS to Streaming Manager. I asked Sales how I could get access to the Player and they sent me this link which doesn’t allow me to apply for access. I’ve also filled out the form on this page ( and have had no reply. Any ideas? Thanks.

Hello @Willie Craig,

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I reviewed our records and it looks like you currently have two tickets open that are related for creating a support contract. Please respond to them with the requested info. Once this is done, you would be able to use your login info to create the Wowza Player embed code.


Alex C

Wowza Support

Where do I “respond to the 2 tickets with requested info?”

I can login to “My Account”. There is nowhere I can view open tickets,respond to them or close tickets.

The only page that looks helpful ( - I fill in the form, and I get this message:

Thank you for providing your support contact information. Your account registration is being processed.

Then nothing, no email or no notification via my account.

What am I doing wrong?