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Can I check if the person watching the video is watching it?

We are developing it with the Wowza API.
I’m streaming live and I want to allow only certain customers to watch the video.
Is it possible to check if the customer is watching the video or not?

If the viewers are connecting directly to the Wowza Server for playback then each viewer has its own session and with e.g. a custom module you could obtain the IP address of that viewer. That won’t work if you’re distributing your stream via a CDN though.

Rather than checking is someone is watching; you could protect your stream and only allow authorized viewers to access it. Wowza has built-in token protection (see and it’s possible to implement your own protection feature via plug-in development.

I am the manager and I am limited to 10 people who can watch the video.
Among these 10 people, we are checking whether they are watching the video or not. I also want to check what kind of video I watch.

I think you need to refer this to Support or go to the Hire a Consultant forum…
In my humble view… you maybe able to tell that the assign stream has a number of user on it… but to tell if they are in front of the screen watching… well … I wish you luck withthis project.

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If each user authorizes before starting the stream then you can connect the user to the session and check if the session is still alive. Remember though that the session will be alive for another x minutes after the user has stopped watching, as it’s dependent on a timeout (because it’s HTTP). A better solution would be if you can track this front-end; eg. have some Javascript that sends a message to a back-end API when the user starts/pauses/stops playback.