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Can I Create Dynamic Stream Targets at Stream Time with WSE?

How do we decouple the stream target from the configuration so a request can be used to specify its Akamai target destination dynamically?

Is the following possible:

  1. The Input Stream into Wowza for RTMP sends in parameters with akamai stream target config details (for example rtmp://…/MyStream/ )

  2. A custom module reads the parameters and dynamically creates an Akamai stream target via the API.

  3. When the stream ends, remove the created stream target

If that doesn’t work is there another approach to set up and remove stream targets as streams are created/removed?

I cannot locate the java api at the moment (although I think there should be one). But there is the rest api route. You can make a custom module that accepts parameters from your own url and then uses a java http client to manage stream targets using the rest api .