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Can I get a license key for the development environment?

In Android development, we use productFlavors to switch the application ID for each environment.

For example

Product: com.sample.myapp

Staging: com.sample.myapp.stg


In this case, do we need to purchase three licenses?

I purchased one license for product, but I learned that it can not be used with stg and dev.

I think that it is possible to obtain a license key for stg and dev at trial, but can it be possible to reissue the license key with the same application ID if it expires?

I think that other Android developers are developing by switching the application ID for each environment, but please tell me how to cope in this case.

Thank you for your answer.


Currently, the GoCoder SDK licenses are tied to the application IDs. The same license key cannot be used with different application IDs. You will need to contact to see about re-issuing a new license key for the same application ID.


Thank you for your reply.

You’re most welcome.