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Can I receive WebRTC data channels in WSE server using a custom module?

I am interested in sending a WebRTC stream with audio/video/data from my client application (written in C#) and then transcoding that to an HLS stream using WSE. I plan on taking the WebRTC data channel sent from my client application and converting it to ID3 for injection into HLS using a custom module. I read that Wowza doesn’t support WebRTC data channels (, but does that mean does not support data channels for end client delivery or at all? Is there any limitation to my custom Java module being written on the server to intercept the WebRTC data channel and convert to ID3 for HLS injection?

I Assume you plan to consume a data stream and write it to media stream as hls in real-time. Much like writing oncuepoint data to flv or so. I think it is possible but in case you don’t have data channel pro use, perhaps you can try websocket instead?

I have RTMP+Websocket working at the moment. The problem with doing it in a websocket is that the metadata is out of band until it arrives on the server and therefore I can’t assure perfect sync between metadata and video (down to the frame).