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Can I record Timed ID3 Metadata into an MP4 using WSE?

I can record an incoming stream using the “Record” button, and this gives me an MP4 file of the Audio/Video. I am injecting ID3 metadata into my HLS stream and I saw that I don’t get any metadata in the MP4. Is there a way to have Wowza include the timed-id3 metadata I am injecting into the MP4 recording? Could I possibly override the module that creates this MP4 in order to support this?

In the properties of your Wowza Application, make that “streamRecorderRecordData” is set to TRUE (default is FALSE), so that data packets are included in the recording.

You can also control recording via the REST API, in the designated POST call you can specify to record data in the request body (I don’t have the API documentation here, but should be easy to find)

Yes, this records the metadata as AMF. Thanks