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Can I upgrade WSE 4.7.1 to 4.7.7 or above?

I have several copies of WSE 4.7.1 installed on my customer site.

Recenly one of installations is having trouble, ie stops working almost every hour during day time.

Strangely it works OK during night time although it has more connections at night.

I have investigated log files and found nothing special, no error but only many warnings those which

seemed not critical.

As such I’d like to try upgrading of WSE 4.7.1 to 4.7.7 to see if newer version fixes my problem.

May I directly upgrade existing 4.7.1 installation to 4.7.4 or above without problem?

Thanks in advance.

You can upgrade from 4.7.1 to 4.7.7 without any issues; prior to any upgrade, I recommend to read the Release Notes (see

If you want to upgrade to 4.7.8 or newer, then remember that you must also upgrade Java to OpenJDK 9. More information and instructions are in the 4.7.8 release notes found here:

When your Wowza instance stops that often, I’d first disable any customizations, e.g. custom modules and changes to the Server, VHost or Application(s). If the cause lies in an incorrectly configured instance, the upgrade won’t help when you keep the same config (and optionally the same custom modules). You may want to start out with a “vanilla” Wowza and then do your configuration step by step, to see at which point the trouble starts.

If there are no errors whatsoever in the Wowza logs, then it may be a Java Heap error or a rather critical error in the (custom) code. Assumed that you have Linux, check /var/log/messages or, on Windows, check the System Event Log and the Application Event Log.

Thank you for your answer.

Yes I do have a custom module which I believe verified as it runs without problem on other

installations. Furthermore the server having problem works well at night time. That makes

me confused.

It seems to me there is something like a dead lock as the process just stops without a crash.

(I saw many sockets in CLOSE WAIT state when the process stopped)

Is there any way to make a crash dump or a process dump so that someone can investigate

the cause of process halt?

I STRONGLY encourage you to submit a support ticket @Seungyong kwonti to avoid unnecessary issues or complications. Our engineers are happy to walk through this upgrade and will carefully consider your specific hardware and needs.

OK, let me try upgrading first. If the problem persists I’ll open a ticket.


Without prejudice, I know from experience that memory issues and crashes often come from badly programmed custom modules. You may be interested to have an expert review your server and the code of the custom module. There’s a special forum where you can ask for help from professional Wowza consultants:

Is it free?

No, hiring an expert isn’t free. The alternative is to contact Wowza Support; they will respond within 48 hours - that’s for free. Or you can sign up for Premium Support (not free); see