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Can I use my Clearcaster to stream to more than one Facebook page simultaneously?

I have an upcoming project that I would like to stream to two different Facebook pages? Can I do that with my single Clearcaster?

Thank you for contacting Wowza ClearCaster Support.

Yes, there is a way to simulcast to multiple Facebook pages in one instance. This feature is called Crossposting. You can check out the following article here on Crossposting: Follow the instructions on how to set up Crossposting on the Facebook pages desired in the settings, then follow the instructions below to set up your broadcast.

  1. For Crossposting, you will use the interface to set up your broadcast. On the Settings tab, in the Crossposting list, select the Facebook Pages that you wish to deliver the live stream.

If you need further assistance with setting up Crossposting, please submit a support ticket via