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Can I use RTSP input to republish it to my Wowza server, using GoCoder SDK?

I want to use my phone as a tool to grab local IP cam RTSP and republish it to my Wowza server. Is it possible in current SDK? Do you have any plans on allowing RTSP source for republish?

Thanks for your great question @Zvetan Dragulev. I checked with the team and as far as grabbing the RTSP stream with an iOS device and then sending it to Wowza, there would have to be a 3rd party application (on the iOS device for example) to handle the process of receiving the IP camera stream and then creating an RTMP stream to push to Wowza Streaming Engine.

I hope that helps you, let me know and you can read more about it here:



Hi @Rose Power , thank you for your answer. Just to make it clear - GoCoder does not (yet) support such feature, correct?

Yes we can use third party tool such as ffmpeg, but we were wondering if Wowza would have this in its mobile SDK too.


You are correct @Zvetan Dragulev, we do not have that feature in our SDK. Thanks for clarifying.