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Can I use stream target to puch a stream to Windows Media Services

Is it possible to use a Stream Target to push a live RTMP stream to a Windows Media Server/Web Server with an HTML Page that has a Media Player embedded? Basically I want to create an edge player instead of a edge server if that makes sense. I am trying to distribute streaming traffic to different server based players with all the streams originating from a single Wowza server.

Hello @Gary Powell,

Usually RTMP/Flash players will pull an RTMP stream. This is possible with Wowza Engine.

You can read more about pushing an RTMP stream using Wowza Engine here:

The above article provides a short overview of where you can push an RTMP stream, what you need to do on the destination before pushing the stream from Wowza Engine and how to setup the nesesary Stream Target in Wowza Engine Stream Target UI.


Alex C