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Can I use Wowza Streaming Engine as a back-end transcoding service

I have a Learning & Development Web Application that allows admins to upload video content. I am looking for streaming solutions for these videos. Per my understanding these videos need to be transmux / transcoded to support adaptive streaming. for this we need a transcoding service. Can I use Wowza Streaming Engine as a service to transcode my files on upload OR on access by users. I don’t want to serve these content through Wowza, as I have a highly custom security model implemented in my current web application.

Wowza Streaming Engine’s Transcoder is used to convert live content only. VOD conversion is not supported. More information on Transcoder can be found in the this article.

There is a free and open source encoding tool called FFmpeg. We have a few articles on how to convert VOD content to be compatible with streaming media.