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can not access http://192.168.*.*:8088/enginemanager/ in my android mobile device

Dear my friends,

We want to implement android streaming live camera video to web page,

As Ravi’s tutorial,

Everything goes well until we meet the topic: Testing the app (localhost)

⇒ Try accessing http://your_pc_ip_address:8088/enginemanager/ in mobile browser. You should see wowza engine manager home page.

My PC ip is, and i can access http://localhost:8088/enginemanager/ in PC browser. or in PC browser.

But i can not access in my android mobile device which ip is

Would you please give us some good suggestion?

Many thanks.



You’ve posted your question in a “Find A Consultant” forum, which is meant for hiring authorized Wowza consultants. If you want a Wowza consultant to contact you to help you with the problem (at applicable rate, differs per consultant), then you may inform so here. But if you aim for support from Wowza, I suggest you post your question in one of the other forums found here

Kind Regards,

Karel Boek

PS: Check if your Wowza server has an active firewall. Windows machines have a firewall on by default; you can manage it or turn it of via System And Security in the Control Panel. For Linux machines, look up iptables or firewalld