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Can someone assist me with Ticket 365337

I do understand the underlining issue… but it has been some days now … and I still do not have access to the latest updates… Can someone assist please?

Hi @Egbert Williams thanks for reaching out. I checked this morning with your account representative and they are reaching out to you in the next few minutes. I’ll be sure to follow up and see you get a response.

Ok ,checking with our systems team now.

Also, let me know if you are able to get that patch @Egbert Williams. As always, please know we appreciate you so much here in the forums and at Wowza.

Thanks … I heard from them… but there is still no response to the inavilability to access of the patch update

I though that was what I was doing… but my bad… I was warned before about putting two request in one ticket :frowning: … New ticket sent…Thanks

Hooray!! Good to know- thanks Egbert. :slight_smile:

Hey @Egbert Williams to get the lastest patch release, you need to be signed into your account as the organization owner and open a support ticket. This is only available by reaching out directly to tech support.

“A patch with updates to Wowza Streaming Engine 4.8.5 is available from Wowza support as Wowza Streaming Engine build 20200724152835. Contact support if you want access to the build that includes these changes.”

They have provided this to you in your ticket so you won’t need to open another one.

No, you’re ok! They gave you the link to the patch in your current ticket, You don’t need a 2nd one.

Rose Thanks for ypi assistance// We are fully up-to-date now