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Can someone help me in setting up a dynamic graphic overlay to a single stream in Wowza

I am new to wowza 3.5 and don’t have much knowledge how to setup. can someone please help ?


This article here provides instructions for developers about how to use Wowza Transcoder to place overlay images onto live broadcast streams. This article describes the steps of creating a custom Transcoder module, adding a static image to the video, adding text to the video, fading the image and text, and animating the image and text. The instructions will work for Wowza Media Server™ 3.5 or later.


Andy E.

Hi Andy,

Thanks for your Response. I already followed the article you mentioned above. transcoder module is already created for live stream. the problem is how to create addon. I installed eclipse and wowza ide 4 on my system and it is giving error related to wowza package and i am not sure if wowza 3.5 or later needs to be installed on my pc to enable eclipse to work and create jar file that can be updated on wowza server. please guide. I am new to this and i have theoretical idea no practical idea.