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Can the Clearcaster be used as an encoder for Wowza Streaming Engine?

It appears that Clearcaster is setup for Facebook Live specifically. Is it possible to use it as a standard encoder for WSE and what ancillary data will it pass from the HD-SDI input?

Hi Mike,

You’re correct, the ClearCaster was built specifically for Facebook Live. In function, ClearCaster will only encode the video and audio signal from the HDMI or SDI ports, for streaming to Facebook Live. As the product continues to progress, other services will be considered. I have no date or time estimate as to when additional destinations may be available.

Do you have any specific encoding needs? We would be happy to assist you in finding the best solution for your streaming workflow.


Technical Support Representative – Wowza ClearCaster

Hi Abby,

Thanks for the info. I’m always on the lookout for cost-effective encode hardware which will pass captioning and ad markers. ABR, SRT and multiple destinations would be nice to have as well.