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Can we replace FMS VOD server with our Wowza using a direct link for all users

We have been using Wowza Streaming Engine for many years and we mainly do live streams with the Wowza Player embedded in our web server page. We now want to retire an old FMS server that we use strictly for VOD. Using the FMS we would have a video to send users by simply sending the url to them like http://server/vod/filename.mp4 and it was great. Now we want to do the same thing with our Wowza server (playlist.m3u8) but so far on safari and edge only - will chrome and other browsers be able to and we’re just missing something?

Yes you can in Chrome, but we allow for m3u8 extensions in publishing a video file as a live stream or for adaptive bit rate streaming and HLS playback.

You can publish a playlist of files by creating a text file in the [install-dir]/content folder with the .m3u8 file extension. This file should contain simple streams names on each line like this (for this example we will use the file name filelist.m3u8):


To play this playlist, use a streamDemoPublisherConfig value like this:


Helpful docs: