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Can we stop and start all the recordings for an application at once manually?

HI All, we are using RTMP ingest for live feeds in our live application. Instead of having the senders start and stop their feeds to trigger the recording to stop, is there a way using the Manager UI or other to stop or start all the recordings with one click? If we have many streams, we have to open each stream to find the stop/start recording button, then move to the next stream and open the UI for that one, repeating. FYI we are using ModuleAutoRecord.

The stream recorders are named by default as our documentation on recording streams in engine describes. recorder_01, recorder_02 and so on. Please use the search bar here in forums or in wowza documentation and you fill this discussed in several areas.

To change the naming convention for the “Record All Incoming Streams” feature, you would need to set up the StreamRecorder Defaults properties for that application. In order to do so, make sure you have Advanced Settings enabled for your user account.

  • Select the application you need to configure.
  • Select Properties tab.
  • Select StreamRecorder Defaults.
  • Edit the streamRecorderOutputFile and use template strings.
  • Create a custom Wowza module which can use the ILiveStreamRecordFileVersionDelegate, as discussed in this forum thread.

That’s ok Michael, there are a lot of layers within docs. Let me share where I found it for you and others that will see this post:



You can try a script to get a list of all recorder objects:

GET /v2/servers/{serverName}/vhosts/{vhostName}/applications/{appName}/instances/{instanceName}/streamrecorders then plug the recorderName in into the below call: PUT /v2/servers/{serverName}/vhosts/{vhostName}/applications/{appName}/instances/{instanceName}/streamrecorders/{recorderName}/actions/stopRecording

Thank you! We’ll try this today. Is the recorder name something different than the streamname or other field we define ourselves?

Hi Rose, thank you for this information!

I tried the search here but nothing came up except our discussion

Same in documentation, strange.