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Can we use Wowza's services for our website?

Hi there, our office is planning to directly talk to the customers visiting our website. We are planning to use a live streaming service for this. I am thinking about using Wowza media systems for this but am unsure if this is something we should be trying. Can anyone tell me if we should be trying this for our purpose?

Hi @Barbara_Schwartz, welcome to our forums community!

I looked at your website, thank you for sharing and yes you 100% could use Wowza for this purpose and it’s a common workflow. You would have your choice of setting this up through either Streaming Cloud or Streaming Engine.

Streaming Cloud can be very user friendly as far as configuration and it provides a hosted page with the player that you could easily share with your customers.

Streaming Engine allows for more complex configurations and gives you more access to change settings within the code. I’m not sure if you have your own developer team or not. You’d have to connect the stream to a player of your choice which you could embed in a webpage.

But to directly answer your question, it can be done from the native camera on the computer or an external physical camera for either Cloud or Engine. Because we offer a variety of license plans based on your use case and how often you will stream/ number of viewers.etc., I suggest that you reach out for a free consultation with a sales engineer to get the right plan for you.

You can email

We even offer Professional Services should you want us to help build it, but you could build the workflow yourself and the sales engineer will guide you.

Best of luck to you in your project!