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Can wowza be used to create something like periscope,, bigolive etc.

I am planning to create a live broadcasting sites like periscope, etc, can wowza streaming engine be used to create some like these sites. Other then the engine what are other wowza products I need to use.

Yes, you sure can @Adnan Khan and as a matter of fact, Periscope was initially built on the Wowza Streaming Engine server.

You can very easily build a broadcast app with our GoCoder SDK for either iOS or Android. That will allow your users to upload their live video to either Wowza Streaming Engine or Wowza Streaming Cloud, you can use either to create this.

Our GoCoder SDK is now free and you read more how to build an app here:

Now that the GoCoder SDK has been sunset, is it still possible to do this?