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Can Wowza encrypte mpeg2-ts input without transcoding using BuyDRM?

Hi, dear Wowza team,

We are trying to deploy live stream to our set-top-boxes in a managed network using multicast.

The input is mpeg2-ts, we have tried to transcode the mpeg2 to H264, then encrypt it and publish as mpeg-ts to a multicast address.

But it seems not work with this workflow. Content still can be played on unauthorised set-top-box.

In the forum, also we cannot find much useful info. Understand that Wowza support the mpeg2 input, but not sure whether it can support DRM encryption for mpeg2 input.

Please advise.





Wowza Media Server can protect Apple HLS and Microsoft Smooth Streaming live and video on demand streams using Microsoft PlayReady encryption for playback using the BuyDRM desktop and mobile player technology.

How to set up and test BuyDRM KeyOS DRM (PlayReady)

Verimatrix DRM can be used with Wowza Media Server® 3.0.0 (or later) to encrypt Apple HLS streams. Verimatrix DRM must be used with Wowza Media Server 3.6.0 (or later) to encrypt Microsoft Smooth Streams.

How to set up Verimatrix DRM

EZDRM is restricted to the Microsoft Silverlight player.

How to set up EZDRM PlayReady DRM (smoothstreaming)

It appears that DRM is only supported with Cupertino streaming and Smooth streaming and is not supported for MPEG-TS or multicast streaming.