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Can wowza streaming engine host mp4 files?

Is it possible for wowza streaming engine to host mp4 files so that we can use the html 5

Yes and just so you know, if use the search bar on the site and enter “vod/ mp4 and HTML5 player”, or here in the forums do the same thing, it will lead you to this doc:

There’s a section on mp4 and HTML5. You can host your mp4s in your Engine server and Engine creates a playback url for the VOD. If you run out of storage in Engine- say you have thousands of mp4 files, you can host your mp4 assets in Cloud platforms like Google, AWS. Azure and when a viewer wants to connect and play an mp4, Engine will create a playback url that pulls the mp4 asset from your Cloud storage. You do that through MediaCache.

Hope that gets you started. :slight_smile: