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Can wowza use but not in tag 'BaseURL' of MEPG-DASH mpd


I am configing Wowza to stream to Akamai by following this web page:

But the ‘BaseURL’ tag in my MPD file is using ‘’ as the domain name.

For example, the ‘BaseURL’ tag inside MPD file is:

What I need is to use ‘’ :

Is there any way to config the Wowza to use

Thank you!

Can anyone kindly know the answer?

Problem solved with specifying priority:

http.relativePlaylists = true

By referring

Note: the parameter name in the above link is wrong, it is ‘http.relativePlaylist’ in this document, but actually, it should be ‘http.relativePlaylists’

I am using WowzaStreaming Engine 4.7.2 by the way.