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Can Wowza Work As A WebRTC Peer?

I’m working on trying to deliver a one to many low latency solution and am working with WebRTC. The demos show low latency in one to one and works well. However in the one to many scenario, given that WebRTC is designed to be peer to peer, it breaks down because of the bandwidth required by the broadcaster. Looking at the solutions here and I find it interesting HLS is listed in that scenario because it is not low latency:

The question…can Wowza act as a peer (i.e. - ingest the WebRTC stream and send it back out via WebRTC, in essence replacing the original broadcaster)? In that scenario, I think Wowza delivers a solution where it can deliver one to one, one to few, or one to many, with ONE solution and no transcoding of the stream is necessary if delivering to a platform that supports WebRTC. All the bandwidth requirements are moved to the server and the IP of the original broadcast is completely hidden.

Delivering the stream via RTMP requires a Flash player on the viewer’s end (and we know that won’t be supported forever) or HLS which is not low latency.

Yes, Wowza can ingest a WebRTC stream and then broadcast it to other WebRTC clients. The current implementation of WebRTC in Wowza as of 4.6.0 is one to one for ingesting, and one to many for broadcasting.

So, one connection from the broadcaster to Wowza, and one individual connection for each client to Wowza. The broadcaster and clients have no direct communication.

Is this still the case? When negotiating through ICE, can Wowza deliver any other peer than itself? I mean I’ve tested and I always get two ICE candidates, both with the Wowza IP, but maybe there’s a config for that?
And if not, could this be done through a custom module, assuming we’d implement the logic and know what peer to offer (i.e. is there a way to tap into the response containing the candidate list and alter it)?