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Cancel Request Wowza on demand streaming engine monthly subscription

I had requested to cancel my Wowza video streaming engine monthly subscription. I got the confirmation email on 23rd October 2020 stating that it been processed and cancellation effective 11/19/20.

But today I received the invoice and money got deducted from my account

P.S. Ticket 371669

Per Community Guidelines and privacy policy. we do not address billing questions in this forum. I will ask the customer success team to reach out to you directly.

I’m in the same case as you, falling into the billing nightmare.
I requested to cancel subscription from 25 Sep but Wowza kept on billing me and made payment transfer with ignoring my several objection emails.
I also posted a topic in this community and cannot find the post now. I don’t know if it was deleted.
The latest billing received is by yesterday. I can’t remove the payment method from Wowza (I sent such request also, but was ignored again).

I really regret to use their service, and I don’t know what to do to solve the problem.