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Cancelling Wowza Streaming Engine Monthly Subscription

It’s been over a week since I used the cancel form in my account with no response from Wowza.

I emailed billing and received no response.

I called the phone number and left a message with billing earlier this week with no response.

I run a small site and was paying for the monthly subscription but it simply wasn’t being used much (I have disabled the engine on my server) and I can’t afford to throw away money each month and pretty pissed off with wowza at this point. I had to add Paypal to my account to remove my credit card and then cancel the payment authorization via Paypal so you won’t bill me again for next month. Absolutely ridiculous.

Is this another case where a company gets big and forgets about customer service with it’s smallest customers? :mad:

Thank you Michelle.

I have found an issue sending email to you guys and it appears your email provider is blocking my domain for some reason (could be adult content related). I am not on any blacklists and followed the instructions on the NDR I received. So that explains the no response to the email I sent to billing.

Feel free to delete this topic. I just wanted a response.


i get the same issue for my account i do the cancellation but this month i get a monthly payment what should i do

I have same problem. I dont cancel. Can you help me ? Please

To cancel your subscription, you must be sure to follow the correct steps explained here in our FAQ Guide: