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Cannot access REST API documentation using Swagger with WSE 4.8.14+9

I am tring to access documentation following the instructions in

However, I get the error "Can’t read swagger JSON from http://localhost:8089/api-docs."
I can run command such as below and it works just fine, so I assume there is no problem with REST API.

Can you help me run the documentation server?

thanks in advance

Running curl command:
curl -X GET --diglication/json; charset=utf-8" -H “Content-Type:application/json; charset=utf-8” http://localhost:8087/v2/servers/defaultServer/vhosts/defaultVHost/applications/live/streamfiles

And here is server.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> Wowza Streaming Engine Wowza Streaming Engine is robust, customizable, and scalable server software that powers reliable streaming of high-quality video and audio to any device, anywhere. true * 8087 none bcrypt true false JKS TLS SunX509 * false true 8089 none / swagger.json/ restUserHTTPHeaders Access-Control-Allow-Origin:*|Access-Control-Allow-Methods:OPTIONS,GET,PUT,DELETE,POST|Access-Control-Allow-Headers:Content-Type ${com.wowza.wms.TuningAuto} * 8083 Server,VHost,VHostItem,Application,ApplicationInstance,MediaCaster,Module,IdleWorker true false localhost localhost 8084 8085 true ${com.wowza.wms.ConfigHome}/conf/jmxremote.password ${com.wowza.wms.ConfigHome}/conf/jmxremote.access false Shockwave Flash|CFNetwork|MacNetwork/1.0 (Macintosh) mp4 com.wowza.wms.mediacache.impl.MediaCacheServerListener ${com.wowza.wms.TuningAuto} ${com.wowza.wms.TuningAuto} 6970 false

Did you configure the documentation server, as described in the “How to access…” document? You need to have port 8089 open, so be sure there isn’t a firewall issue.

Also, note that http://[server-ip]:8089 is an API port - no Swagger web page is served from this URL. You need to separately load the web pages listed in the setup document. I have one hosted on S3, just for convenience. I update the [server-ip]:8089 field. on this page, depending on the server I am working on.