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Cannot download Wowza IDE - 403 Permission Denied

The company I work for uses an old Wowza server (version 3 for EC2 3.1.2 build 1624) to handle some RTMP recording and streaming.

I need to build a plugin that uses ModuleWriteListener (I think) to do ‘some thing’ after each file write completion (basically send some info out to a different system.)
All the other links to these files I’ve found on Google are no longer valid.

Hoping an admin can tell me how to proceed from here. And if someone has a bright idea of how to do ‘some thing’ after a finished file write by Wowza that avoids having to deal with these things I’m all ears for that as well :slight_smile:


Hello jstanley

When I add the same plugin I see the following:

Wowza IDE 4

WowzaIDE4 Plugin

Does this much show for you?



We’ve submitted the request to our Engineering team with a request for Intellij. Thank you for the feedback. At present, we only provide a package for Eclipse.



We do not have anything prepackaged for Intellij at this point. I will send this to our backlog team for review but there is no timeframe for integration.



Oh, I should have mentioned that I am using IntelliJ IDEA, not Eclipse. From Googling I found other people doing this successfully and it has the same repo setup so I hoped that part would work. I’ve attached a screenshot of what I see. Is there a way I could just download the relevant files directly?

Thank you - it is not possible to get the IDE files through other means?