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Cannot playback WEBRTC stream when published stream uses TURN/STUN

I’ve successfully published and streamed back a WebRTC stream to clients, however, when I attempt to use iceServers for STUN/TURN, I cannot get the stream to playback (stream unavailable).

I CAN use the Record function to make an MP4 and watch the stream this way, but not stream it back to clients with WebRTC. Need help today.

So I ran into a similar issue and someone here pointed me to the following support article:

  • Limited support for STUN – Full session traversal utilities for NAT (STUN) negotiation isn’t supported. Currently, Wowza Streaming Engine only supports traversal of symmetric NATs. A single STUN transport configuration (TCP or UDP) must be supplied using the webrtcIceCandidateIpAddresses property.

Where does the client live in respect to the wowza system? If your trying over the internet, we ended up putting our servers in a perimeter zone with much more open firewalls and static public IP addresses to get around the issue for external users.

I was frustrated that STUN/TURN has such limited support.

Thanks @Clinton Reeder for the feedback and I’ve passed it on to the WebRTC team.