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Cannot stream live video

Hi everyone,

I have some problem when trying to use Wowza GoCoder SDK. I’m using sample from:

(1) iOS Sample from Github (

(2) iOS sample from AppStore (

(3) Android sample from Github (

(4) Android sample from PlayStore (

Right now I can only stream live video from sample (2), sample (1), (3), (4) return following error:

{“level”: “error”, “code”: “NetStream.Publish.Failed”, “description”: “Not authorized to publish”, “clientid”: x.xxxxx+xx}

Sample (3) also show me this error:

A broadcast component reported the following error during the PREPARE_FOR_BROADCAST transition severity : ERROR error class : null error code : 0 description : The maximum no. of connection attempts has been reached

(We 're using our own server).

Please let me know what this error is and how to fix it?

Hello @Nguyễn Tiến

{“level”: “error”, “code”: “NetStream.Publish.Failed”, “description”: “Not authorized to publish”, “clientid”: x.xxxxx+xx}

You’ll need to add your Wowza Streaming Engine Application publish stream username/password combo to your BroadcastConfig.


Please see username and password params.


Please see setUsername and setPassword methods.

For the Playstore version of GoCoder, you’ll need to set this username / password combo in the Wowza gear icon -> Connect to Wowza Streaming Engine -> Source Authentication.

I would recommend testing with our free GoCoder SDK examples located here.