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Can't fetch list of assets

Hi everyone,

We are trying to fetch the list of assets but encountered an error
“meta”: {
“status”: 422,
“code”: “ERR-422-RecordInvalid”,
“title”: “Record Invalid Error”,
“message”: “NoMethodError private method `pull_from_api’ called for #<Cache::Recording:0x00007efc2019b8d8 @recording_uid=”“j05rz8kj”, @did_pull_from_api=false>","
“description”: “”

To recreate
Create new asset then don’t do any upload.
Send a delete request for the created asset.
After that , you will not be able to do fetching for the list of your assets.

Welcome to the forums! Can you share the call you made to fetch the assets?

One of the potential bugs here that we are aware of and going to fix is if you tried to delete an asset that had either no upload or a failed upload it would not work - the asset is now in some indeterminate state.

So you would not be able to fetch it.