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Can't insert ads when config player-side ad insertion using Wowza Streaming Engine and Jwplayer

I am a newcomer, I have found the articles and followed. "ad-insertion" and "Using the Wowza IDE"
But I have a issue, When I press the button “Insert Ad”on the web browser, the ad is not inserted, while the networkstatus is 200. I'm not sure which step I made wrong. I will describe in detail how I perform, please help me.

My test consists of 2 servers. Server
1 (ip: has Wowza Streaming Engine installed, server 2 (ip: has Jwplayer installed. Both servers have public internet.
<img src="">
Step 1: Install the Wowza IDE
Get the Wowza IDE for use in
 1.In Eclipse, click the Help menu and choose Install New Software.
 2.In the Install window, in the Work with field, enter
 3.Click Add.
 4.In the Add Repository window, for Name enter Wowza. Then, click Add.
 5.Select the box next to Wowza IDE 4 and click Next.  
 6.Review the details, accept the licenses, and click Finish.
    Confirm that the Wowza IDE installed correctly.
 7.Restart Eclipse.
 8.Choose File > New > Other.
I see the following Wowza Streaming Engine wizards:
   Wowza Streaming Engine HTTPProviderClass
   Wowza Streaming Engine Module Class
   Wowza Streaming Engine Project
   Wowza Streaming Engine ServerListener Class

In this step everything is OK

Step 2: Create a Wowza Streaming Engine project
  1.In Eclipse, choose File > New> Other
  2.Select Wowza Streaming Engine Project and then click Next
  3.In the New Wowza Streaming Engine Java Project window, enter the following information:
     Project name – com.wowza.wms.plugin.addemo
     Location – E:/ads
  4.Click Next.
  5.On the New Wowza Streaming Engine Module Class page, enter the following information:
     Package – com.wowza.wms.plugin.addemo
     Name – HTTPProviderAdBreakInsertion
  6.Click Finish.
Then I imported the file ""
and "" results received:
<img src="" style="font-family: Arial, Helvetica, Verdana, Tahoma, sans-serif; font-size: 15px; white-space: normal; color: rgb(101, 104, 106);"><br>

Note: At this step, I am not sure about how to name my packet is valid ? But everything seems ok and Eclips does not report an error.
Step 3: Compile .java to jar
I implemented compile on Eclips as
1. Right-click the newly created project "com.wowza.wms.plugin.addemo" -> 
2.Click Export
3.Click Java -> JAR file ->src
4. Check
5.Select Export Java source files and resource
6. Finish  => I have file HTTPProviderAdBreakInsertion.jar
Do the same with the "" file.
=> I have files HTTPProviderAdBreakInsertion.jar and ModuleCupertinoLiveOnAdBreakToID3.jar
Then copy both the .jar file to the Wowza Streaming Engine [install-dir]/lib folder.(server1).
I am not sure if this step was done correctly or not? Because when extracting the file in the article, the resource has the .class files,
but with the 2 files I compile, there is only .java files.

Step 4: HTTP provider configuration and custom module configuration
 1. HTTP provider configuration
 Open [install-dir]/conf/VHost.xml in a text editor.
 Add the following to the list of hostport 8086 providers:
 2.Custom module configuration
 Open [install-dir]/conf/live/Application.xml in a text editor.
 Add the following properties to the Modules section:
           <Description>Convert ad requests to ID3 tags</Description>
Step 5: Configure the music player
Copy the contents of /html/ from the extracted folder to a local web server, to localhost/ads/.
In the ad_live file I configured the following
Then restart the Wowza Streaming Engine server.
In a web browser:
I load “” => it’s ok.
I load “” => it’s ok.

But when I press the "Insert
ad" button, the ad is not inserted. Although the network status is 200.
I'm not sure whether I made a mistake or missing any steps. But the result was
not what I expected. Please help me.

Hello @Thanh Lam, thanks for posting and welcome to the forums!

Ad insertion using the IDE is an advanced workflow and the Wowza engineers do not debug logs here in the forums, It is required they do that only through a support ticket per our testing and tracking protocol.

You can easily submit one here however and the the engineers can help you with this configuration and get it working for you.