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Can't tell what streams are really live

Running 3.6.4 Win 2k8 and pulling the XML from connectioncounts… HLS into Flowplayer.

In the past I have not had problems using this to see if a stream is “Broadcasting” however today under a decent load the HTTP port on 1935/8086 stopped responding to web page requests (Streaming was working fine)

I restarted WMS… at one point restarted the machine… the “Ghost” streams remained. There was no ingest coming into the server however it still showed HLS requests coming into the logs… what I am assuming were orphan players still trying to find the stream.

I have not noticed this in the past. It keeping the stream information in the conectioncounts file without an ingest stream.

Is this normal behavior or is this not a good way to look for current live streams?

Is there a better way to do this?

From a publishing perspective, you should see MessagesInBytesRate return to 0 upon review of a stream that is no longer published within the connectioncounts http provider. You can modify how that http provider works by grabbing the source here.