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Cant use high bitrates for streaming

I’ve read the docs but didn’t found anything useful on this matter… I’m finishing my tests with wowza and so far I’m very happy with the results. I’m facing an issue now with streaming quality.
I’ve built a speed test app so I can suggest a nice bitrate but the maximum is 6000 anyways… In my current connection (100 Mbps), the speed test outputs 50Mbps of upload (my network test is performed between the client and the wowza streaming engine server on google cloud). It should be okay to set video bitrates to 6000 but I got an ultra pixelated video when watching the stream… I’m wondering if there is some configuration to be done in order to get this working properly…

PS: 6k of video bitrates works fine locally my issue is when the wowza server is on google cloud (on both cases my connection is healthy and could afford a HD streaming). I’m also using webRTC mode.

PS 2: lower bitrates works fine but the quality is affected :confused:

Thanks for the question @Augusto Russo and sharing all the details. Let me see what i can find out for you.

If you could submit a support ticket, the engineers would like to test this for you @Augusto Russo. Some browsers can’t accept that high of a bitrate through WebRTC, but since you got it to work locally, we can test what’s happening when you try this through Google Cloud.

I’ll try that then, thanks!

Also, just curious…what codecs are you using for video and audio? Are you transcoding?

We recommend that you use the Transcoder feature in Wowza Streaming Engine to transcode the WebRTC stream into any standard output format, such as AAC audio with H.264 video. Then you can deliver the stream over Apple HLS, Adobe HDS, or MPEG-DASH, which enables you to scale your WebRTC solution without the significant bandwidth that would otherwise be required to deliver your streams to viewers with satisfactory quality.

Also, keep in mind:

  • WebRTC over TCP bitrate is limited
    Depending on your publishing workflow and browser, WebRTC over TCP may be limited to a bitrate of 400 Kbps. We recommend using our WebRTC publish example with the Google Chrome browser to avoid this bitrate limit.