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Can't use my SSL certifica to stream on a HTTPS page

I’am using wowza player to stream from my wowza streaming engine. I switched my website to https and now I need to conifgure wowza with an ssl encription to make the things work out. I’ve folowwed a tutorial and installed a keystore from my certificate, added :8443 port for my SSL connection in the configurations, but still can’t cconnect correctly. In my logs I have these lines:

SSLInfo.ProtocolsEnabled: SSLv2Hello,TLSv1,TLSv1.1,TLSv1.2—3017.59

_defaultVHost_Bind attempt ([any]:8443:16)—3017.59

_defaultVHost_Bind successful ([any]:8443)—3017.596

with the information I can assume that everething should work as expected, but it doesn’t. How can I solve this?

My configuration for the port is the following:

Default SSL Streaming Streaming ${com.wowza.wms.TuningAuto} * 8443 ${com.wowza.wms.context.VHostConfigHome}/conf/certificado.jks myPass JKS TLS SunX509 true 65000 65000 65000 true 100 cupertinostreaming,smoothstreaming,sanjosestreaming,dvrchunkstreaming,mpegdashstreaming com.wowza.wms.http.HTTPCrossdomain *crossdomain.xml none com.wowza.wms.http.HTTPClientAccessPolicy *clientaccesspolicy.xml none com.wowza.wms.http.HTTPProviderMediaList *jwplayer.rss|*jwplayer.smil|*medialist.smil|manifest-rtmp.f4m none com.wowza.wms.http.HTTPServerVersion none

Hello,Thanks for contacting the Wowza CommunityHave you tried the Wowza Streamlock Service? This is an option. Here is documentation on this HERE

Regarding your current setup and issues, Here is a troubleshooting guide HERE. Can you run through these steps to see if one resolves your issue?