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Certificate Error

Hi I configure ssl but it shows me error


and when i put my stream url on my website it shows not secure please help me
it also showing certificate is not valid

Try to go to ssllabs website and put in your url to test it out. You will get more details on the error.

  1. Sometimes it is a bad configuration
  2. Sometimes certificate has expired
  3. Sometimes certificate is incomplete
  4. Sometimes ssl domain might be different than certificate being used on

Etc etc . Browser won’t tell a lot.

Other than this just make sure you are configuring properly.

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can i use my own website ssl certificate

I know streamlock works and with some help letsencrypt works. But for other SSL providers I dont really know. perhaps asking @Rose_Wowza would be better.

Yes you can, but it’s a bit tricky. If you need some help, you can submit a support ticket and we can help you get it set up.