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Change Host-Server and Stream URL to Public IP

We are using 30 days trial version of Wowza Streaming Engine. We wants to make Host-Server and Stream URL public, currently its accessible by using


We have replaced all * with 35.XXX.76.XX in VHost.xml file as suggested in below link

By doing that the IP address of Host-Server and Stream URL has been changed but out stream stopped working.

We are looking forward to host and test it on public IP to demonstrate it to customer. Please guide us, we are doing something wrong or is there any other way to achieve it?

Thanks in advance.

Advise!!! :remove your ipadress from your post. nobody needs to know it. I will refer to it in my post as: YOUR_IPADDRESS

Just a question.

when i go YOUR_IPADDRESS in browser, im getting a login screen for something. you might could get issues with that when using port 80 in your wowza setup.

how do you access the enginemanager on localhost? are you running a windows server?

you dont have to change the ipadress. If its * its also usable for the given ip.

what do you mean by out stream stopped?


ipadress: YOUR_IPADDRESS not reachable by ping

port scan: 1935, 80, 8088 are all closed on YOUR_IPADDRESS

so that is why you can’t reach your enginemanager. You might have firewall issues

  1. Is your public ipaddress working on the network adapter?

The check you can use if your server is visable

browser url: http://YOUR_IPADDRESS:1935

this should give you the wowza version. if not >> check firewall

Firewall: Did you setup your firewall correct or did you open the correct ports to it?

tcp incoming:

8088 (enginemanager)

1935 (rtmp incoming)

tcp outgoing:

1935 (rtsp)

80 (hls)

Start with that.

edit: after you have made changes to the wowza config make sure to restart the engine and enginemanager